Celebrating Graduates

We honor graduates' strength, perseverance, and resilience as they attain their degrees. We celebrate their successes and triumphs, and we acknowledge those who supported them along the way.

Qemari Thompson, a Bethune-Cookman University graduate, and her college advisor, Davita, pose for a photo.

Meet the graduates.

Jourdan Bolton

Spelman College

I come from a single-parent household, and my mom always told me that she wished she had completed her degree so things may have been easier for us. She is my biggest supporter. I had a tough time my first semester, and my mom and my aunt showed up a lot for me emotionally. I wouldn’t have gotten through it without them.

Althee Bolton, Jourdan’s mother:
I would try to speak optimistically to her about the mistakes that I made. I would listen to her and help her navigate the best way to get to where she’s trying to go in life. I would let her know that she’ll have good days, and she’ll have bad days but the bad ones will be fleeting and the good ones will always be really good.

Two African american women graduates

Qemari Thompson

Bethune-Cookman University

My mom was my biggest supporter. Nursing school was not easy on me, and she had my back through thick and thin. She kept saying, “You have to keep going. You can’t give up.” And of course, Ms. Bonner. She helped me figure out financial aid and how to actually get my degree. I was under her wing since 2018, and we developed a niece-aunt bond.

Davita Bonner, Qemari’s college advisor:
Qemari came with a passion. She knew what she wanted to do, and she involved herself in everything that would help her. All the organizations she joined, her commitment to community service, her compassion for others and ability to communicate effectively with them—those were all her strengths. I just offered nuggets of advice and encouraged her further.

Two African american men graduates

Jalen Bertrand

Florida A&M University

They say it takes a village, but your village is not just your family. Upton has done so much for me. He’s made sure that I’m taken care of, always going that extra step for me. If I needed support in some way at school, dealing with a teacher, he was always able to give me guidance, helping me mature mentally.

Upton Fisher, Jalen’s mentor:
It’s always scary, encountering new challenges in life, especially if you have to figure them out by yourself. So if I can get resources to somebody and I can walk them through the steps, they don’t have to face it alone. It’s one of those things where I feel like I cleared a lot of obstacles for Jalen. 

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