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Black History Month.

This Black History Month, we celebrate rich cultural heritage and the birth of new culinary traditions. Join pioneering chef Deborah VanTrece and restauranteur Zak Wallace as they explore the communities that defined their culinary journeys. Walk streets steeped in history and visit places that continue to inspire future generations of Black chefs. Meet the trailblazers.

Living history: Atlanta’s culinary world.

Deborah VanTrece

Chef VanTrece is the owner and chef of numerous award-winning restaurants in the Atlanta region, including Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours and a catering business that has drawn rave reviews since it first opened. Chef VanTrece began her culinary career in 1994 when she graduated as the valedictorian of her class at the Art Institute. Working as an Executive Chef for a catering company by 1996, Chef VanTrece enjoyed great success during the Centennial Olympics in Atlanta. She was hired to cook for several foreign dignitaries and international executives and won acclaim for her mastery of imported cooking techniques and delicious globally informed cuisine.

Zak Wallace

Zak Wallace was born in Southwest Atlanta, where he grew up in a food desert and experienced an environment beset with empty calories, high fats, and sky-high sodium levels. Wallace saw the effects of food insecurity firsthand and how poor eating habits negatively impacted the health and well-being of his community. In 2017, he sought to make a difference. Starting with a Local Green Atlanta food truck, Wallace raised awareness for tasty, fulfilling plant-based cuisine in his community. Now, his restaurant of the same name continues to spread that message throughout Vine City— serving not just health, but hope.

Pioneering recipes.

Enjoy Deborah’s and Zak’s thoughtful new takes on recipes rooted in rich cultural tradition.

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